Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, alot of my fellow hooligans have been getting blogs of their ownwith older pics of some of the good (make that great) times. So it got me tring to find a couple of the old pics I hd laying around, Well I didn't have to look far. I had this pic on my mantle. The dude on the left is Darrell the duck, big pimpin in the middle is Evan mr. digger himself, and on the right is yours truly. This pic was taken in the sumer of 2000 in the fantastic land of Bahrain, a nice little sandbox off the coast of saudi arabia. Looking back that was probally one of the best summers everit would of ben better if we would of had all the hooligans out there but we made the most of those six months I'll look for more pics of that summer until then I will be doing my job of daddying.

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floridaduck said...

I miss the tan!