Wednesday, March 21, 2007

spring ridin

Well here was the firts ride of spring on the first day of spring. The plan was to pedal one hour up galbraith mt. to the top on 45 pound freeride bikes just to fly down the hill hitting every jump, drop, mudhole in sight. It was Matt on his coiler in grey, John in tiedye on a buddy's bike, Jose on his new design stink and me on my "vintage" stink. Jose and I were sportin bikes northwest jersy's, gotta represent The pic of me jumping is the aftermaf of a no footer, Jose you need to learn how to snap a pic, you ride hard but you a bit slow on the camera. Well the day did't go quit as planned as we had a slight injury. I will post more pics soon telling the victim of the spring ride catastrophe, All and all though not a bad day just a crazy one.

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Anonymous said...

stinky's are like fine wine, they grow sweeter with age.... vintage stinky will be katie's heirloom!